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CODY NIXON, aka "JIT," hails from Duval County, Florida, and he's the brains behind the awesome GRINDHARD RADIO. This epic journey started on March 8th, 2011. JIT kicked things off back in 2006, championing independent music artists. His passion paved the way for the launch of his own video blog series, "JIT Chronicles," in 2009. This move wasn't just a step; it was a leap, connecting JIT with artists not just in his hometown but all over the United States!

Fast forward to July 2010, and JIT's creativity led to the birth of his first internet radio show, "Live with JIT & June Buga," premiering on September 10th, 2010, on The show was a hit, featuring big names like "Layzie Bone," "Pastor Troy," and "La La The Beauty," along with interviews with local independent artists from around the globe. However, just five months into the show, JIT faced a roadblock. But guess what? He didn't let it stop him. In a flash, he came up with a whole new concept and a brand-new show called "GRINDHARD RADIO," rocking the airwaves since its premiere in 2011, reaching over 5K listeners!

JIT's hustle didn't go unnoticed. In 2018, he snagged a nomination for "Duval Man of the Year" at the "2018 Diamond Awards." And that's not all. Besides being the radio maestro, JIT is the co-founder of the mixtape site "TapeSauce," the producer behind internet radio shows like "The Sade Champagne Show" and "Spirit and Soul w/ Sade Champagne." Oh, and did I mention he's got an online store called "JIT's Closet"? For all bookings, hit him up at This guy's a legend in the making!

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