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Cata Mafioso (Face M.O.B.B 803), a true veteran of the game, wears multiple hats as an indie rap artist, DJ, producer, and radio host. Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, with a past in New York and California, he currently anchors his creative force in Columbia, South Carolina.

Over 30 years deep in the music industry, Cata has released 7 albums and countless singles, solidifying his dedication to the craft. He's not just about his own beats, though. As president and co-host of Grind Hard Radio and host of "Don't Bite Yo Tongue with DJ Face Mobb 803", he champions up-and-coming artists, providing a platform for their talent to shine.

Cata's mission is clear: keep hip hop alive and thriving, one beat and one verse at a time.

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Cata Mafioso - "Had Some Problems"

In "Had Some Problems", Cata Mafioso talks about hardships coming up as a kid and how it is as an adult now. Stream the video right now.